Rebel Sport Morningside
- A Sporting Revolution

Faced with the challenge of redefining the retail experience for New Zealand’s top sports superstore, RD stepped in to breathe new life into Rebel Sport. The goal was to ignite the Rebel spirit, modernise its retail layout, and amplify customer engagement.

RD began by meticulously analysing Rebel Sport’s fixture library and identifying cost-efficient strategies. They then moved on to revolutionise the brand’s in-store experience. The result was a groundbreaking concept that won two Red Awards in 2019 and was brought to full fruition at the new Morningside, Auckland store.

The revitalised store now provides an immersive and practical retail experience for customers and employees alike, marking a successful collaboration between RD and Rebel Sport.

Features delivered include:

  • Basketball court within the “Take Your Shot” zone.
  • Specialised gym section for enhanced interactivity.
  • Elevated fixtures for optimised merchandising.
  • Shattered linear LED lighting for a more vibrant ambiance.
  • Adjusted acoustic settings for a modern retail environment.