Kiwi Bank Brand-Led Transformation

In its quest to reshape its identity, Kiwibank embarked on a brand-led transformation, symbolised by the native Harakeke plant – an embodiment of a thriving community. While the first stage saw refurbishing existing branches, the second stage required a new format and design system for new physical spaces.

RD’s design challenge was to prioritise three modes of interaction: self-serve, human-assisted advice, and staff workspaces. The design needed to foster intimate settings for meaningful conversations, facilitate fast self-service technology solutions, and eliminate the traditional back-office working concept.

RD challenged traditional staff patterns and real-estate utilisation to create a space that met Kiwibank’s commitments and objectives. The creative process engaged multiple design disciplines, ensuring consistency with the master brand design system.

The outcome is a blend of multi-modal spaces, featuring easily accessible self-service zones, personal advisory areas, and flexible breakout spaces. Bold furniture choices and a minimal yet distinct Kiwibank aesthetic characterize the space, complete with illuminated ATMs, patterned finishes, and an animated digital wall.

Our Team Delivered:

  • Collaborative Design: Spatial, Industrial, Architectural, Graphic, Digital and Technology.
  • Dual-Purpose Utility Spaces
  • Integration of Brand Elements
  • Full Project Management.