Technology & Digital

At RD, we are always looking for ways to develop smarter and more efficient solutions for our clients. These solutions range from gaming experiences, electronic ticketing, and face recognition to our own RD Repairs & Maintenance digital platform, RD Maintain.

We use advanced tools, processes, and best practices to create realistic virtual reality experiences. Our VR solutions range from simulating a single unit to a complex retail environment. We frequently use VR for prototyping, simulation, training, dynamic testing, and more. If you are interested in experiencing VR or want to develop a design concept, please feel free to contact us.

Digital experience walls are a great way to incorporate digital elements into your physical retail stores. We can assist you with ideation, sourcing, installation, and ongoing maintenance and management.

Experiential zones are a fun and engaging way to grab your customers’ attention. We can showcase various activations where brands have worked with us to develop and deliver experiential and interactive zones to create a more enriching brand experience.