Manufacturing & Procurement

Our modern full equipped facility offers joinery manufacture, metal fabrication, ACM fabrication, acrylics, coating systems, full in house electrical, vinyl and large-scale digital printing, combined with extensive 3D printing capability for prototyping and much more.

We are one of the few suppliers in the signage and fitout industry that owns and operates a full manufacturing facility. We are not a ‘broker’ of products and services; we always aim to manufacture in house as we have the capabilities to do so.  In conjunction with our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we have a strong proven offshore procurement division, that can provide clients significant saving on bulk manufacture of standard elements.

RD has a wealth of experience and expertise in sourcing solutions offshore for our clients.   A combination of long-term partnerships and ongoing research of new suppliers has enabled RD to have the confidence to provide bulk offshore solutions. We consider all options from a cost benefit perspective – this will include QA checks, physical prototypes being approved, and any cost implications of freight and lead-times that may have an impact on your programme.

We encourage you to come for a factory tour to see RD’s capabilities first hand. Our facility in West Auckland is open for viewing at any time.