Design Methods & Ideation

Our belief is that Design is human centred. Delivering an engaging retail experience is grounded in developing a deep understanding of stakeholders needs and requirements prior to ideation. Design Thinking methodologies assist our experienced team in developing empathy for user requirements and informing our team through direct and cross category research. Building a framework for an informed path to creative solutions.

RD is a design lead business; our team combines industry experience with blue-sky creativity to deliver feasible retail experiences. The ideation phase fleshes out the creative direction of a design, through collaborative thinking and refinement, resulting in deliverable concepts and solutions that meet brand requirements and exceed customer expectations.

Our team utilise the latest computer-aided design technology, to realise conceptual designs in real time scenarios and environments. For an all-immersive experience, our team can bring ideas to life in real time using VR, offering the opportunity to explore, test and prototype solutions in a virtual environment before moving to the physical world.