May 15, 2024,

We’ve got a new name!

We’re excited to share a new chapter in our company’s journey – we have undergone a light rebrand, transitioning from Retail Dimension to RD (RD Group Ltd.). You may have already noticed this change reflected in our emails, letterheads, and social channels. This refresh isn’t just about a new name though.

Why the change?  

Our decision to transition to RD was fuelled by the dynamic nature of our business and the evolving breadth of services we provide. We don’t just do retail – we are multi-dimensional. Over the past few years, we’ve strengthened and diversified our services across sectors. You’ll spot our work everywhere, from in offices to the biggest events in the country.

We’re still experts at retail too of course – that’s why all the big names trust us, from Rebel Sport and Briscoes to Samsung and 2 Degrees. As we continue to grow and venture into new service offerings, we believe that RD better encapsulates our holistic approach to every brief and the full spectrum of our capabilities.

What we do

Today, RD offers fully integrated, end-to-end solutions. The scope of what we do is all-encompassing, spanning Design, Manufacturing, Construction, Maintenance, Installation, and Project Management. We cover every aspect of our clients’ needs, from conception to completion, and everything in between.  

Same, same but different

Rest assured, while our name may be changing, our unwavering commitment to excellence and quality of service remains unchanged. As do our values and collaborative spirit. We know change can bring about questions, so if you want to chat about our new identity as RD, give us a buzz. We appreciate your ongoing support and trust in our company as we embark on this new chapter together. Got something we can help with? Talk to us today. Let’s build something great together!